First impressions matter and its key to get your audience hooked right away. Marketing a product or service to potential consumers or other businesses should always produce a positive impact to ensure that the brand will produce good results. 

Good results will help the company reach the marketing goals and business growth planned out ahead of time. Even impression is important because as soon as the audience is exposed to the brand, brand awareness is already achieved. 

Brand awareness can be reached if the product or service and beneficiaries are clearly defined. For this to happen, some questions should be transparently answered: 

  • What does your brand do?

The advocacy that the brand is trying to achieve should be obvious for everyone to easily grasp the product or service’s purpose. 

  • Who is it for? 

Knowing the beneficiaries of the service or product will greatly help with the branding because it will easily identify the target market. 

  • What problem does it solve? 

Every great product or service is a solution to a common or complex problem that we encounter. This will help boost the sales because the frequency of need can be easily converted to sales. 

  • Where should my brand go?

Always plan out where the company will be going in days, weeks, months, and years. This will track if the product or service is generating profit or loss. Change may increase or decrease and is an indicator of growth because these results can help improve the brand. 

To help get the word out there the product or service should be marketed as creative as it can be. People should not only take a second look but they must stay and be interested in whatever it is that you are offering. 

Here are some creative brand marketing ideas to stand out: 

  1. Do a Q&A with your customers.

Engage. You will be seeing this word often because engaging with the audience is one of the most effective ways to connect with them. Making them think by asking a controversial question is a good strategy to make and keep them interested. 

  1. Leverage your social media strategy.

Your brand should have all the possible social media accounts that your target audience or customer is possibly using. A lot of people are stuck at home right now and have nothing but their phones or computers for entertainment. Use this to your advantage by engaging with them through the channels that they are actively participating in. Also, set up a different mailing account where potential clients can send inquiries. 

  1. Create personalized content.

After having your platform, you should now curate content that is specifically for your brand. This will help increase the impressions on your social media accounts and websites. Your audience will also feel that you are singling them and their needs out. 

  1. Embrace Email marketing. 

Since you already have your email, maximize this by sending out newsletters or the latest updates that are relevant to your product or service. Always include a backlink that will lead people back to your website or social media platform where they can learn more about your brand. 

  1. Resort to brand influencers. 

Influencers are here to stay. A lot of people can be found online and personal testimonies about a product or service goes a long way especially if it’s a person of influence. Get to know or follow people that you think will help grow your brand. Set a budget or arrangement contract that you and the brand ambassador or influencer will comfortable working with. 

  1. Give back. 

Trackback your suppliers, workers, and people who support your brand and cause. Treating people nicely and giving back to those who helped you from the beginning also ensures a good relationship and brand marketing strategy. 

  1. Community service is great PR!

Be kind, always. Doing something great for the community always pays off with excellent results. This strategy works best for local businesses because it increases brand awareness where the business or service is physically located. 

  1. Make videos.

Vlogs, reviews, tutorials are all over the internet. Use them to your advantage by making tailored fit video content that’s relevant to your brand. Great video content may produce an increased following on your social media platforms. You can also bank on relevant topics or issues and make video content around them. Be careful though, and not make your brand viral in a wrong way by making negative impressions. 

  1. Create a contest!

No one will say no to a freebie. Roll out contests that people will get freebies or discounts. This will help brand awareness. Some use it as a way to get their audience to share their page or website content to a friend and draw a winner through a raffle draw. There are a lot of creative contests that can help boost your brand. 

  1. Memes. Memes. Memes

Create a shareable and creative meme that people can easily identify with. Yes, the internet is filled with crazy memes, and it won’t hurt to ride this trend while it’s hot. 

  1. Go for a podcast!

Podcasts are a thing for people who like multitasking. This is a great brand marketing strategy because time and effort are a bit less compared to videos. There are also a lot of free podcast platforms where you can upload your audio content. 

  1. Create evergreen blogs.

This will help with your website’s SEO ranking. Carefully choose your keywords, and the rewards will be evident because the impressions of website visitors can be easily converted to potential customers or clients. 

  1. Create a challenge.

This is great for brand awareness because you are creating a habit by inserting your product or service into their daily routine. A chore or activity can be made into a new habit if they’ve been doing it for some time. 

There are many ways in which you can reach out to your customers or clients, but at the end of the day, you should be able to curate something where they can learn and have fun. The strategy should be authentic and consistent to optimize brand awareness. 

Most of the ideas mentioned involved the internet and digital communications. These may seem daunting for a startup or those who just discovered digital communications. It’s a good thing that there are Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and trusted marketing agencies in Florida who’ve been in the industry for a long time and had enough education and experience to handle digital communication strategies. It will be an excellent investment to hire and consult SMEs to make sure that you are on the right path and choose the right kind of customer profile, strategy, and platforms to execute your campaign. 

Let us help you grow with the latest digital communication trends to help you reach your transcendent there. 

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