Digital Marketing shaped the world of public relations of our modern times. Digital marketing simply uses electronic devices or the internet to use a tool to connect with prospective customers by use of different digital channels such as social media, search engines, and other websites. 

Accessing these channels is important because almost everyone is now online. Everything exploded during the pandemic because people are required to stay at home and conduct most of their business online. The internet is such a powerful place to market ideas, products, and services. It bridged the gap between space and time, and we are now able to meet and interact with people in different time zones in the comforts of our own homes. 

Face-to-face meetings are contactless due to dozens of video conferencing applications made available in the market today. People don’t need to physically meet to close a deal or complete a transaction, all they need is a strong internet connection, and they are ready to meet anyone, anywhere, and any time. 

Public relations in our modern age are measurable and far different from the traditional rubrics that we use. The success of a campaign when launched online can be measured through conversion rates. Some different ways or tools can be used to monitor and track conversion rates. These signal if the money, time, and effort invested in a campaign or marketing strategy can be modified as a success. For B2C, for example, successful conversion rates are translated into sales. For B2B, the purchasing journey may take long but the campaign’s ability to generate leads speaks volumes of success. 

Getting leads is just as crucial as getting sales. Leads are networks where you connect to an individual and groom them to become supporters of your brand, cause, or product. These people also have connections who you can reach, and they too can be potentially converted into partners or clients. 

Website traffic can also be measured. This means that all the content posted on your website can be tracked to see which pieces are effective and which should be revised to effectively communicate with the audience.

Campaigns usually target prospects that are more likely to purchase or are interested in the product or service. Digital marketing strategies allow computers to segment and target people based on their status, gender, purchase behavior, source of entertainment, and many others. Traditional public relations would usually make cold calls to gather information and present to clients the products and services. These can be done too through online channels. In cold outbound marketing, for example, you can use a single email template that you send to hundreds of people who are interested in your product. All of this can be done without wasting too much effort and time.

The time you will call the prospect will be when they show interest or responded in the email you’ve sent them. This will mean that you will focus most of your efforts, time, and energy on those prospects who are likely to be converted. Digital marketing strategies make public relations efficient and effective. 

The rise of social media

Great social media relations are an integral part of digital marketing. Your chosen platform can make or break your business or services. It will be best to continuously update your social media profiles for your audience to know that your account is active and relevant to their needs. Social media platforms have their advantages, and it’s better to know each of them to see if a platform fits your brand or advocacy. 

Facebook is one of the most widely known social networking sites out there. Most if not all people have a Facebook profile account that you can access or check. Profiles on Facebook don’t just have personal accounts, but companies are now also taking advantage of setting up a page or profile of their brands. This platform allows establishments or projects to have their own identity. Having an account can increase the value of your brand and social media presence. Other advantages include: 

  • Finding new leads and clients
  • Video chatting
  • Image and video hosting
  • Used as a personal portfolio

Instagram can help you extend your reach. This is a “social network” because people are here to share photos and videos with people in their network. You can also socialize by sending DMs in small groups. You don’t have to share a video or photo to send a DM. Celebrities and influencers gather thousands of followers on Instagram and offer a great way for businesses to expand their reach. You can also optimize your Instagram account by using tools that are readily accessible directly in the platform itself. For businesses, you can receive insights about your posts and analytics to help you better understand what your audience likes. You can see the analytics of your hashtags to see which of them is the most effective, and these analytics can help determine the demographics of those interested in your content. Other advantages include: 

  • Optimization tools
  • Use polls in your posts
  • Use GIFs for engagement
  • Use music to liven up your content

Twitter is known for microblogging. This platform allows you to create short posts that are called “tweets.” It has limited characters of 140 that can include basic text, links to websites or other resources. Twitter is widely used by the academe and students, politicians, and the general public. Advantages of Twitter include: 

  • Promote research
  • Follow works of experts
  • Reach new audiences
  • Seek feedback 
  • Build relationships with experts and other followers

LinkedIn empowers users to showcase their expertise, recommendations, and connections in their profile. Having a LinkedIn account makes you credible as an individual. This means that you can easily filter out your prospects and approach those who fit your prospect profile. Advantages of Linked are: 

  • Prospects are there to see your offer
  • You can build your reputation
  • Generate leads
  • Keep business relationships current

Influencer outreach strategy

This type of strategy is on the rise these days. Influencer outreach strategy is a type of social media marketing that includes endorsements and product mentions from influencers or individuals who have a certain amount of dedicated social following. This strategy works because the individuals who can be followers or fans already trust the influencer and recommendations given by them are highly valued. 

Some influencers are now making endorsements as a full-time job because they needed to level up their content. Having an influencer for your brand, company, or service also means investing in them by sending either free items for an in-kind trade or paying them a monetary amount as well. 

Most influencers are also known due to their viral posts. When a post goes viral it can get your brand in front of more eyes and can be translated into a successful brand awareness campaign. However, you should be careful to choose which viral content you should piggyback on. It will be best to research the topic or viral trend before doing so to ensure your campaign is successful. 

Public Relations in the modern world may seem daunting for a startup or those who just discovered digital communications. It’s a good thing that there are Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and trusted marketing agencies in Florida who’ve been in the industry for over two decades and have had plenty of experience to handle digital communication strategies for you and your company. It will be an excellent investment to hire and consult SMEs to make sure that you are on the right path and choose the right kind of customer profile, strategy, and platforms to execute your campaign. 

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